Brief encounter with Blue Bird Taxi Company: BahasaInggris
Brief encounter with Blue Bird Taxi Company: BahasaInggris

Brief encounter with Blue Bird Taxi Company: BahasaInggris

Blue Bird Call Center for the Safest Taxi Service

All obstacles, complaints and questions can be submitted by contacting the Blue Bird Call Centre for easy taxi service . The blue bird, which is like the light blue color, is actually quite familiar in Indonesia. The company is known as public transport with relatively high security.

This is supported by company executives is pretty good accompanied by highly experienced drivers or drivers. There are a number of special advantages before they become a driver taking into account the safety of passengers as a priority. Not everyone is accepted as a driver. No wonder Blue Bird is the most popular taxi fleet and is considered reliable by many.

To  provide driving comfort and safety, the company Blue Bird has  also released a number of best services   with very strict controls. This includes the imposition of normal and cost-effective rates so that all levels of society can easily access them. All this, integrate the call center for blue birds for taxi services, especially when there is a problem.

As the best taxi service, Blue Bird is widespread in remote areas, especially large cities. Those of you who want to travel, however, feel less safe so you can book a taxi through the numbers available. It didn’t take long, the driver went straight to where you were.

Brief encounter with Blue Bird Taxi Company

The blue bird has actually become one of people’s favorite transport fleets, especially in big cities. Freight since it was shown in 1972 has served up to millions of passengers. Blue Bird became a special taxi transporter, introduced by Djokosoetono’s wife, a scholar and founder of the police academy, in the future.

The business trip turned out to attract public attention until it continued to grow. Just in 2017 since the Gojek app came into being, Blue Bird then formed a partnership affiliated with online taxi accountants. While in fact, the blue bird itself also released a novelty in the form of an online order application in 2011.

Although there has now been a lot of public transport with an internet station, however, people’s interest in Bluebird taxis is still relatively high. As you can see from the large number of blue cab users. That’s why, to improve public services, the existence of Bluebird Call Center for taxi services  is so important.

All types of complaints can be reported for 24 hours. This includes when you want to ask about some of the products offered by Blue Bird.

What is blue bird group’s best service

By providing satisfaction to its loyal passengers, Blue Bird Group has provided the best service. Many taxi fleets are proven to be evenly distributed, especially in major cities. In addition to taxis, Blue Bird offers a bus rental service for car rental. Everything is easy to get through the blue bird’s call center for taxi service.

Interestingly, there is also a facility for the second car to request a personal fleet with the best quality. In fact, most people still don’t know, though it’s very profitable. We ensure that all engines and interiors of the car are still maintained with optimal performance. In addition, the price is set very cheaply.

The newest and most popular is the presence of electric taxis. In addition to being energy efficient, electric taxis are environmentally friendly and therefore convenient when used on the streets of the capital. Electric taxis like the blue bird Tesla is called are pretty easy to order. You can simply contact blue bird call center for electric taxi service .

Essentially, all bluebird group services are easy to access through the call center channel. Our customer service is ready to serve the best. Those of you who also need a naval schedule tomorrow can book one day in advance. To ensure the availability of transport considering that the reservations are quite high.

Subscribing to Blue Bird is actually very profitable. In addition, the company has become a pioneer of modern taxis with the best quality of service. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the company has proved experienced in providing maximum service to each passenger.

Discover the My Blue Bird app and its benefits

The development of technology appears to be affecting the increased use of online applications, including in the transportation world. The presence of the app aims to make it easier for users when they want to order a transfer. Blue Bird, which really doesn’t want to be less competitive even though it’s been active for more than 40 years, has released an online exchange app for its users.

My blue bird, as it is called, is one of the latest discoveries as well as bookings made through bluebird call centres for taxi services.   The application provides a variety of fairly comprehensive advanced features. It’s even cooler than its competitors. Among the advantages of nyes is the existence of sufficient 2-step verification.

The verification process is the beginning you sign up for. You need to fill in data such as email, phone number, name and password. Only then is it recommended to verify the phone number and e-mail until the account can be used. In addition, there is another option to monitor the status of the driver in which he is located.

Just like ordering through the Blue Bird call center for taxi services, the app also provides a choice of fleet messaging down to the model. You are free to choose any type of taxi according to your needs. There are four taxis, namely the regular Blue Bird, Van, Silver Bird and Silver Bird Van depending on your comfort.

You don’t want to wait long because of the crowds, so use the Easy Ride feature. You can freely stop a taxi near the pavement and then activate the Easy Ride function. This method is to assume the length of arrival of the booked taxi. The thing is, you first stop the taxi and then connect the fleet in the app.

Blue Bird call center channel easy to contact at any time

For the convenience and convenience of users, the role of bluebird call centres for taxi services  is very important as a front line. There are various ways to contact our customer service team, one of which is via the number 021-797-1245. Through this number, you can easily call a claim to order.

Public  services related to Bluebird transport can also be carried out  by email. Simply enter a question or complaint about the Service and send it to Not only in terms of taxi information, but all services offered by the Bluebird Group are complete. With an email, the answer is quite long.

The next way is no less rapid is through the official website. The website has a form where you can use it to make complaints with questions. However, it is not recommended for website forms such as emails for those who need quick responses. It takes patience if you want an answer.

The fastest and most effective channel is through the My Blue Bird app. The versatile application can be used to contact Customer Service. In fact, all information is fully available in the app. However, it is indisputable in the case of a passenger’s claim. Therefore, use the app as much as possible.

Just a tip if the interest of the complaint is very urgent, then you need to use the call center number and through the app. Meanwhile, if it’s not too urgent, use an email or website as a medium. This is done for the benefit of all passengers when they wish to contact the Blue Bird call centre for taxi services.

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