Complaints and consultations through taxes around: Mp3Juice
Complaints and consultations through taxes around: Mp3Juice

Complaints and consultations through taxes around: Mp3Juice

The tax call ready to answer questions about taxation

Sincebefore 2 0 06, Indonesian taxation has been successful in the field of services through the establishment of a tax call.  This service is called Kring Pajak and was formed from presidential order number 03 from 2006 regarding the climate investment package.

It is indisputable that the presence of Kring Pajak is very useful for people who want to ask everything about taxation. With demise, this service will be a means of education for people who are still blind on taxes.

So far, there are still many who have not obeyed taxes, not because they don’t want to pay taxes. It’s just that they don’t understand the payment system and what kind of taxes they have to pay. However, with this service, people can freely ask questions.

Asking through this service is also more convenient and efficient.  Because you don’t have to come to  the tax office  and wait long in line, only by phone can you ask for many things in a more personal and exclusive way. Anytime and anywhere as long as it is still during working hours, this service is reliable.

In addition to asking for tax information, the tax call can also be used  through Tax Kring when  problems arise when paying taxes. If you are  not yet familiar with this service, we will explain it as a solution to tax problems.

Diverse tax services

The form of service from this tax call is an effort by the Directorate of Taxation (DGT) so that taxation in Indonesia is more open and touches all levels of society. That’s why DGT launched Tax Kring based on executive tax number regulation PER-22/PJ/2014.

By launching the service, from that moment on all professions can contact the Tax Office on 500200. These services address questions about income tax, VAT, land and buildings, with questions about tax returns and how they are calculated.

Kring Pajak offers two kinds of services for you. The first service is an incoming service that serves all kinds of information, complaints and communications of agents. The second service is an off-site service or an agent’s call to meet a customer to solve tax problems.

As technology advances, tax offices cannot be contacted just by phone. However, it can also be online via the official website, email or fax. It’s notjust that, now you can even contact the public taxpayer via live chat.

  1. Round-tax online

This public service is here to help tax services in Indonesia, because telephone connection services alone are not enough and cannot meet all of society’s needs for tax services.

That’s why the chief curator added this tax service through  an online service. This should maximize tax services in Indonesia.

To take advantage of online tax services , you need to log in to the website and create an account on the website. Once the account has been created, you can inform you of any questions and complaints related to taxes. After that, you just have to wait for a response from the policeman.

  1. Kring Tax Live Chat

A live chat tax around was created with the aim of facilitating  the mandatory invitation to report the annual tax return. In addition, the Service provides other information regarding all matters relating to public pungutan  and any complaints.

With this service, taxation is increasingly accessible and demanding of all. The disclosure of tax information is also increasingly accessible to all without hesitation.

Especially for young people who love chat services, because it will be lazy to visitthe office  if only to ask for basics. However, these fundamentals are actually very important to know.

Complaints and consultations through taxes around

As explained above, the Service of Tax Calls can  handle a variety of complaints and consultations regarding mandatory withdrawal for all Indonesians.  Complaints that can be submitted include:

  1. With respect to the development and infrastructure of tax services.   This is very common, because sometimes there are structures and infrastructure in tax services that are problematic. In fact, it interferes with your comfort.
  2. The performance of the tax office’s employees. Employee performance will undoubtedly have a major impact on office reputation and type of service. What’s more, if it’s sensitive enough in the field of taxation.
  3. Violation of the Code of Ethics and Criminal Acts committed by DGT employees. The crime in question can be a criminal offence. For example, you were blackmailed by a DGT employee.

Meanwhile, the tips you can  go through tax around are:

  1. How to access all tax services. This often happens to ordinary people in the field of taxation and do not understand how to use all the services that have been provided.
  2. Measures of the tax authorities.

Advantages of Tax Kring Services

This non-face-to-face tax service service  offers many advantages for depositors beyond direct face-to-face services.   This option is achieved because Kring Pajak has many advantages beyond direct service.

The following are the advantages of Kring Pajak:

  1. Save a lot of time, because you don’t have to come directly to the tax office and wait long in line. Furthermore, if you have a busy daily schedule, you obviously don’t want to spend time at the tax office. Therefore, the existence of Tax Kring is very useful.
  2. Accurate information because it comes from the public IRS and therefore ensures that all information provided is correct.
  3. The result of calculating the amount of the markup is ensured to be correct, since the calculations made are in accordance with the current rules. The same applies if you visit the tax office in person.

Premio internazionale per Tax Kring to Know

This application is one  of the most innovative  tax call services  in the world and has a huge impact on Indonesian taxation. This is certainly not just nonsense, because various awards at international events have been successfully won by this service.

This innovation DGT was awarded the best contact centre donated by the Indonesia Contact Centre Association in 2013. Not only that, after that, Kring Pajak was ranked first in the APAC World APAC Top Ranking Performers Contact Center Event in Singapore.

In this event, Kring Pajak was awarded as the best customer service-small. The next international achievement is that this Indonesia-owned tax call won top ranking performers Contact Center World APAC in Las Vegas that same year.

Also in this event, one of the tax service teams managed to get a silver medal. This teantu is very proud of Indonesia, because it has a credible service and is recognized by the world.

Around Pajak, with all its service innovations, has made the Indonesian people more concerned about taxes. The easy accessibility and good service provided makes anyone feel comfortable filing complaints and conducting consultations.

The tax call center’s services  have also proven to educate the public a lot. Therefore, you no longer need to hesitate to contact Kring Pajak through all available systems.

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