Contact  BCA Halo’s  call center for free: CodaShop
Contact  BCA Halo’s  call center for free: CodaShop

Contact  BCA Halo’s  call center for free: CodaShop

24-hour BCA call center number  and services

The BCA Call Center is a tool provided by bank central asia (BCA) management to provide customer complaint services. The call center itself is a company or a company used to receive or send office telephone requests or office telephone inquiries.

BCA customers who want to communicate with the bank, for example, if there are questions or complaints, can contact through a CC number. You can call the contac 24-hour middle number , which can be via mobile phones or landlines from anywhere in Indonesia without having to enter the code for each region.

However, in general, for calls from foreign countries, it is necessary to add a certain code  in front  of the FSB call center  number  , which will also be discussed in this discussion. In addition, to contact the CS melal ui phone number, the jug center is charged atariff. Customers don’t have to worry because the service fee required to contact a BCA CC number is pretty cheap.

Interestingly, one of the largest private banks, BCA, also offers a call center without charging service fees. Customers can contact the bank via WhatsApp, social media, email, or chatting through the official website. For more details in this discussion, we are conducting  a full review of the BCA Call Center. Come check it out!

BCA Call Center Number  and Services

For those who want to contact this bank through the CC service, you can press the BCA halo number on 15 00 888 without having an area code if you are in Indonesia. The customer service staff who receives customer calls provide the number of answers per question. Here are some of the things that are often carried through the BCA halo:

  1. Complaints about problems

The call center of most BCA call centers has problems  – both as a customer and as a general public. For example, an ATM card that is swallowed to require temporary blocking, fraud cases, blocked account numbers and other problems. Customers usually contact CC first if they experience a problem because Halo BCA can contact you for 24 hours.

  1. Táirgí stash

You can also request information about the deposit products offered by the bank through the contac center. Some cpresi savings, futures, stepped and many other products.

  1. Credit card

If you are interested in using credit card services, you can request this information through halo BCA. You can ask which type of credit card is best suited or meets the criteria. In addition, customers who already have a credit card can apply for a border increase through the call center.

  1. Hitelszolgáltatások

Services for lending funds are very common in banking activities, including BCA. You can ask for available credit information, including terms, tenor, interest, and other details.

  1. BCA Sziária

Many customers also contact the BCA call center  to ask questions about Shariah services, such as financing and deposits.

  1. Insurance

Products known as Bancassurance include Provisa Syariah, Max/Platinum, Syariah Platinum, and other insurance products.

In addition to the issues related to the aforementioned BCA products, you can also apply to open new accounts through the call center. In addition, Central Asia Bank currently provides open online account services through Internet banking and m-banking.

BCA Call Center Service Fees

To contact the call center of the bank, customers will have to pay a service fee. If you contact via mobile phone, use +62 21 15000 888, where you will later have to pay a fee starting from Rp20/2 minutes. Information about the service charge may vary depending on the policy and the type of carrier used for the call.

Before contacting Halo BCA, make personal information such as your full name, date of birth, account number, and biological mother’s name. Because usually when you contact bank customer service, you first get sure questions about the security of customers’ transactions.

By preparing the necessary data and the questions asked, you will save on phone service fees. However, if you do not want to be charged a service fee, you can contact the BCA via WhatsApp, which we will describe in the other conversation.

How to contact BCA via WhatsApp

In addition to the CC number, customers can also contact the bank through a WhatsApp number. BCA’s latest service makes things very easy for customers as they don’t have to pay a phone fee. Moreover, although they communicate via WhatsApp, customers can still ask questions about different service products or file a complaint.

Not only that, the call center can be contacted through this WhatsApp number for 24 hours full-time, which means there is no time limit. This way, you can get a quick response from the BCA if you need other information. However, you can only use the chat feature and not use the video calling or voice messaging features.

Do you already know how to contact a BCA call center via WhatsApp number? Here we will give information about the official phone number and how to contact it:

  1. Save whatsApp phone number 0811 1500 998 to your phone. Keep in mind that there is only one bank WA number and the name “Bank BCA” and the verified logo are on the list, so do not be fooled if there are other numbers that try to contact you on behalf of the BCA.
  2. To start a conversation, open the contacts you saved earlier and write down the message that starts #HaloBCA. After a while, the customer service team or administration will respond to a conversation.
  3. You can then submit questions or complaints that you would like to submit. For example: “I want to ask you about a loan without mercy, how do you do it?”. After that, it remains only to wait for a response from CS, which usually does not last long.

Fyi, if cs has replied to your message and there is no reply for a long time, then the customer support team will terminate the chat column. You can also send photos in PNG, JPEG, or JPG format via chat. Curious? You can test yourself if it turns out that you need information, there is nothing wrong with contacting the BCA via WhatsApp.

Contact  BCA Halo’s  call center for free

BCA  also provides care services to other clients, which are of course credit-free, including:

  1. Twitter Trilogy

@haloBCA this Twitter bang account name to contact via DM or mention if you have questions about BCA products.   The account must not be locked so that Bca Twitter CS can respond to Sent Messages.

  1. Three conversations

Visit the official website of the bank and you can use the available chat features.  The official address of the website is, later you can see the pop-up messenger in the lower right corner of the site page.

  1. By email

Your Halo BCA email address is the you have any questions or complaints with, you can contact the customer service team. The email administration usually discusses the message within 24 hours, but it could be faster.

Well, for those who plan to contact BCA customer service, you can use one of the above call centers. Record  and save BCA Call Center  data so that it can be useful whenever needed.

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