West Food has salads , West Java Cardok : SOCIALSPY
West Food has salads , West Java Cardok : SOCIALSPY

West Food has salads , West Java Cardok : SOCIALSPY

These are five recipes for ready-to-eat regular food in West Java

There are many recipes in West Java that are relatively easy, some of which are five recipes for normal West Java foods that need to be tested. West Java is not only rich in sweet, salty and sharp foods, but also has large dishes that are no less delicious.

Many Sundance people like food that tastes sharp and salty But on the other hand, they like the different dishes that offer fresh vegetables other than being healthy and delicious. This green food is also easy to process, even without a long cooking process.

Some of the original foods in West Java are like everyone else’s favorites, including cardok, taho gjerot, then tutug mythical onkom rice, seblack cranberry, and original Sunnah rice plates.  You can try these five recipes for ready-to-eat regular West Java food directly.

Although it seems to have a lot of ingredients on the list, in fact, how easy these dishes are to cook. Some of the items used are also easy to obtain and do not require expensive costs. Check out this review below to start learning to cook this traditional dish and can be enjoyed by lovers.

West Food has salads , West Java Cardok

One of the five recipes for food prepared in West Java that you need to know is cardo. Yes, if you often enjoy vegetables in western restaurants, this food is very similar. Their composition is equally composed of different vegetables, only different types of vegetables from salads.

If the salad often uses lettuce, carrots, sweet corn slices, and tomatoes, unlike cardboard. This traditional pastry in the West Java region contains new vegetables in the form of cucumbers, glasses, long bean slices, kale, lettuce, rehan leaves, and even circular eggs. They all just served and were torn to pieces.

If the salad uses clothing such as olive oil or mayonnaise, cardok uses a sauce made of natural ingredients, namely the common fried, ground with a mixture of five pieces of garlic, kayen for flavor, and eight seeds of long red pepper. Also add brown sugar slices.

To make the flavor more stable, roast with the salt season, as well as a piece of fruit paste. If you like the aromide of the tortoise, give you lim juice and pieces of mixture. Mix when erasing the springs to distribute them equally. If divided properly, add the water as needed to keep it low.

Now, one of the five ready-to-eat recipes that is typical of West Java is over and cardboard is ready to serve with delicious sauce and fertile aromatics on it. Delicious, healthy, practical to make. What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to try it.

White seblacks are all around the favorite food

Another traditional dish that is no less simple than cooking recipes and comes from West Java is cracking if you eat it continuously with another hand, sebilk sebels the unique taste of the cracker by adding sharp soup while serving. Although it seems unfamiliar, if you try it, you will surely be addicted.

The ingredients in one of the five recipes prepared for normal West Java food are not only crackers, but you can add other ingredients such as meat, sausage slices, eggs, and even chicken feet that are delicious and soft. They are certainly very tasty in flavor.

How to do it is very easy. First, you must prepare the main structure of the seblak, which is the cracker you stop in the water. Then, you can start fixing the apple with onions and garlic, each with four and three grains, and then some pepper.

The amount of kaine is arranged only for your taste. Also add six long peppers, add a piece of grapewater, and then cook to boil. Add the crumbled eggs and take them with salt and pepper, as well as the roasted padder and granulated sugar. Correct taste as desired.

If you start boiling, you can start putting the cracks you’ve already eaten, cut meat or sausages according to taste. If you want vegetables, you can put a piece of sand. Cook until everything is cooked, and hydrates while it’s still hot. The smell must be very deceptive.

Tutug Oncom’s recognition fills yuk’s belly

Five recipes for food prepared in West Java are actually diverse, one of the best recipes is certainly the recipe this time, which is tobacco onkom rice. Heavy foods this time have really shown the identity of West Java. Part of the rice, mixed with oncome, which is sharp, delicious and delicious.

This time the dishes are perfect for eating at lunch or dinner. The construction process is not difficult. First, set up two oncom boxes, and then pour them into rough pieces using an umbrella. Prepare each of the five and two grains of onion and garlic.

To add the sharp taste , five peppers of kaine as well as five fresh red chiles , half a piece of finger , a paste of fruit that was burned with half a tablespoon of tea , then salt and sugar as needed . Clean until all the springs move well except oncom.

If it is pure, mix the chopped oncome with the fine lye, then eat or roast the onion until cooked and a little dry. Prepare warm rice, mix the oncome and white rice together until divided equally. Oncom tutug rice is ready to eat while still smoking

The mythical Gerrott Tofway of the house

The fourth of the five ready-to-eat recipes that are typical of West Java’s tofoy recipes. You’re certainly not strange to hear these unique dishes, because you can easily find them in vendors next to the road from afternoon to evening. Except for fillings, this plate is tasteful.

The mixture of sharp, salt, sweet, as well as stirred, sour taste of jourt toafo soup greatly moves the consumer’s tongue. The separated toofa is also a soft piece that can fill your confused stomach. who thought the recipe for making this food was very easy and practical

You just need to make baked sauce such as onions and white stews as well as vegetables to purify the cane pepper Then pour a treat of brown sugar, then sweet soy sauce, then tamarind, as well as salt and water above the season that had been mixed before.

Prepare the pong toof and cut it in the box, as well as the rombe, and cut the toupe soup from the top. Remember before serving and enjoying it, and sprinkle the cracks to add knitted. Jegerth Tofu is ready to serve.

Lewitt Rice of origin in West Java

The last of the five recipes for ready-to-eat regular meals in West Java is  Leviticus rice. Who can stop by adding salt fish and fresh potato slices? Of course, so you can enjoy it, you can make this plate yourself.

The style is very easy as cooking regular rice. It’s just that you need to add some of the springs such as thin sliced garlic, cayan pepper, compressed lemongrass, gulf leaves, fried ankovics, margarine, salt sprinkles, fresh potato slices and water to taste.

Cook from an electric rice cooker and wait for the rice to cook. Liwet rice can now be enjoyed with the various dishes you like. Well, these are five recipes for ready-to-eat regular meals in West Java that you can easily train at home.

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