Update SiCepat 24-hour call center numbers for consumers
Update SiCepat 24-hour call center numbers for consumers

Update SiCepat 24-hour call center numbers for consumers: JelitaNews

Calling SiCepat’s 24-hour call center number is a great way to find something or complain.  Please note that SiCepat is still a newcomer in the world of online package delivery. Therefore, the service against the estimated shipping cost is still affordable and very best suited.

Online packaging itself has become the choice of many people if they want to send goods to people who are far away. And if you have an online business, you should be familiar with this service as it is a must-have. When talking about the Siepat service, it turns out that it has many important advantages for its users.

Get to know Cicept’s package delivery services

JNE and J&T were popular at first, but instead of making SiCepat lose classes, they could even surpass both. This can be seen from services such as 15-hour delivery so that packages that arrive can be delivered immediately on the same day. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in all cities.

In addition to receiving, you can also deliver by pick-up delivery, so there is no need for packages to be shipped directly. If you don’t know how, you can call SiCepat call center number 24 hours in advance to know the procedure according to the provisions. For example, with regard to the provision of the amount up to the maximum weight.

Shipping terms are calculated based on weight and distance, so don’t overdo it to make it more expensive. They have an exact scale, so it is impossible to miscalculate. In addition, if it turns out that there is a mistake late after the transmission, it will not be blamed because it will benefit the business because the sender is SiCepat.

In addition, the delivery of packages often results in problems such as damage and abrasions. Then they will be responsible for having compensation services for consumers. The amount is no joke, as a package weighing only 1 kg can be rewarded with a loss of more than the nominal value Rp.500,000.

Later, when you send the package, you can immediately ask for the receipt number so that you can see the progress of the delivery of the goods. In addition, you already have your own application, so you can access it more easily. In addition to the application, you can also use the SMS receiving feature, which uses short messages to be tracked.

Tracking is very fast and secure, so you don’t have to do it too often. Guaranteeing current speeds is their motto, so that you can arrive within 1-2 days depending on the area. During this period, you can also get it with regular shipping, so if you use quality on top of that, you are guaranteed to be faster.

Update SiCepat call center number 24 hours a day

If you want to contact customer service, you can always do so as it is 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you get in touch during the midnight hours, it is still well served. The customer service number is 021-5020-0050, and you can contact us if there is any problem or disagreement with the information with the shipping destination.

SiCepat’s 24-hour call center number can be contacted at any time, but please do not contact them when you are busy. For example, during working hours in the morning or during the day, you are usually not directly connected. Therefore, it is advisable to contact in the afternoon or evening hours, it is necessary to connect immediately.

Later, when you connect, ask them what they want right away. If you get information or clues, be patient, because the problem can definitely be solved. A full list of consumer complaints and questions is provided calmly and professionally through a 24-hour SiCepat call center number.

In fact, if you want to contact customer service but not through social media, you have another option. You can contact them via Facebook sicepatekspresofficial or Twitter @sicepat_ekspres.  If you choose to contact us via Instagram, @sicepat_ekspres, or @sicepat line. All of them have their own admins, so when contacted they will definitely reply.

Issues that can be complained through SiCepat’s 24-hour call center number

You may receive complaints, but not all issues will be accepted and resolved through customer service. There are very few common things you can do, such as shipping too long, for example. This can be caused by many factors, such as delays in the selection of goods due to wrong entry of other shipping Elias.

Generally, with express shipping, this won’t happen, so you won’t have to enter your address correctly. Later, if it was sent but arrived for a long time, it can be contacted with the SiCepat call center number 24 hours because the address could not be found, especially from the beginning, it was wrong.

In addition to the goods not being delivered, another problem that we often encounter turned out to be after the arrival of the damaged goods. This generally does not happen when the position transfer is in an accident or when it is not handled properly. Most products are damaged because they are too tightly packed and cause the product to deform or cause visual changes.

Damaged goods generally occur in electronic products to food, so special containers are required to be safe at the destination. If you encounter such an issue and you contacted the SiCepat call center number 24 hours ago, then first check for the problem. However, the average is still subject to damage.

This is especially true for problems such as lost goods where the error rate is quite large. This can happen due to a courier error or incorrect address, and the delivery is not appropriate. However, it has a great responsibility, so the replacement of damage and the loss of goods are always done by Sicipat.

Another problem is if the package turns out to be detained at the airport by the Indonesian government customs. Tariffs on the selection of goods into the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, where goods that are prohibited from import are directly detained, are very severe. In addition, if you can import but do not pay taxes, you must also be detained.

Tips for Sending Packages Safely Online

To avoid problems with the packages you send, you should take precautions in a variety of ways, including increasing the layer of protection. This protective layer is very scratch-resistant and should not be easily torn. It is also good to have waterproofness so that the material is not easily torn.

Generally, use used cardboard for the inside, but on the outside you need to re-equip bubble wrap for safety. In addition, if the product is very expensive, such as gadgets or other electronic devices, it is obligatory to wear protective equipment in the form of wooden packaging, since the delivery has proven to be safe.

You can also add a warning sticker to the package to make the delivery service employees more careful. Provide information about the product on the package so that it doesn’t become optional when it moves into place. Especially in the delivery process, shocks must always occur so that the package is prone to damage.

However, when using Sicepat’s services, you should be careful with the maintenance of the consumer package.  You can contact SiCepat’s 24-hour call center number to  know the best service features. If you don’t get the maximum amount of service, we’ll explain them one by one so that you can protest right away.

However, protests are rare, especially in direct parcel delivery service companies. In addition, the service is maximized and professional, so mistakes are rarely found in customer protests. Certainly consumer satisfaction has always been number one, especially with the goal of ensuring that packages are safe for their destination.

All the advantages of this delivery service must be taken into account, since of course, they have better advantages over similar companies. In addition, security and privacy are definitely guaranteed, so every item arrives safely. You have a problem, but you can easily solve it by calling SiCepat call center number 24 hours a day.

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